Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 8pm.
  Contact : +91 22 66173333


We offer CT, MRI, neuroradiology, chest, musculoskeletal and cardiac observerships for periods between 1-6 months.

A form is available here. Please download it, fill it up and and send it as an attachment to


  1. There will be a minimum payment of Rs. 10,000 per month for the observer’s post. An initial deposit for this amount needs to paid. The amount may vary depending on the observership.
  2. At the time of confirming the observership, there will be a deposit to be paid, equal to the first month’s payment.
  3. This deposit will eventually be adjusted against the first month’s payment. In case an observer can’t attend the observership, this deposit will be forfeit.
  4. Proper decorum must be maintained.
  5. No films, books, papers are to be taken out of the respective departments.
  6. The patients are not to be inconvenienced at any cost.