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18 mths of unnecessary pain and suffering

18 mths of unnecessary pain and suffering
This 25 years old man had pain the right elbow starting March 2014. For a few months he was treated conservatively. An MRI done in August 2014 showed marrow edema in the distal medial humerus with effusion. It was reported as inflammation / infection, but luckily the surgeon did not put him on anti-TB treatment.
The golden rule – always do a CT scan in a patient with unexplained marrow edema was not followed.
After a year of pain, more at night, responding to aspirin, a repeat MRI in August 2015 showed a possible focal lesion adjacent to the olecranon fossa medially with marrow edema. This time a CT scan was done and showed an osteoid osteoma. The RFA was simple to do.
The average time it takes for the diagnosis of osteoid osteoma to be made is around 18-24 months either because the correct imaging is not done or for reasons such as these where a CT is not done in patients with unexplained marrow edema.
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