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Air Entry and a Confirmed Diagnosis

Air Entry and a Confirmed Diagnosis
This is an 85-years old lady with a compression # of the D12 vertebral body with posterior retropulsion and conus compression. It looks like a benign osteoporotic compression fracture, the T2W image showing central cleft with fluid, with no osteolysis or soft tissue.The lady was not improving and the MRI report raised a suspicion of metastasis / tuberculosis that the patient’s relatives were concerned about. A CT guided biopsy was therefore asked for.
A costo-vertebral approach was used from the left. As soon as the first biopsy was obtained, air gushed into the cleft as seen on the axial image. This typical happens only with benign compression fractures. The sagittal image obtained after the procedure shows this well. The CT scan also rules out osteolysis and abnormal soft tissue.

The biopsy results showed no evidence of malignancy or infection.
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