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The Beginning – X-rays

Dr. Jankharia’s Imaging Centre began as Dr. Jankharia’s X-ray clinic in Girgaum, in Central Mumbai in 1969, on Dhanteras day with a Siemens 300 mA X-ray machine with a single tube, which was also used for fluoroscopy. In 1985, it became one of the first centres in the city to have an image intensifier. From then on, the clinic became the leading centre for barium studies in Mumbai and is currently the premier institute for small bowel enema (enteroclysis) studies.


In 2001, the x-ray facility was upgraded to the first digital X-ray setup in Western and Northern India, with the installation of the Agfa ADR-Solo. This has been replaced twice, with the last state-of-the-art CR system installed in May 2015.


In 1986, the centre acquired a state-of-the-art ALOKA 630 ultrasound scanner. Dr. Bijal Jankharia joined the centre in 1996 to take care of ultrasound and mammography. We now have two 4 D ultrasound scanners Voluson E8 Expert from Wipro-GE.

Breast Imaging

The centre’s first mammography unit was installed in 1996, to be replaced by a SIEMENS MAMMOMAT in 2005. In January 2016, we added the Inspiration from Siemens, a 3D full field digital mammography machine, the best mammography unit currently available, one of a handful in the country, equipped with tomosynthesis and stereotactic biopsy device. Currently, we offer holistic breast imaging with ultrasound and breast MRI.

Bone Densitometry (DXA)

To complete the “women’s imaging” setup, Western India’s first bone densitometry scanner, from Hologic, was installed in 1997, subsequently upgraded to a whole body fan beam system from GE Lunar Prodigy.

CT Scan

The centre underwent a sea change in September 1995, with the acquisition of a Siemens AR.C CT scanner that was installed in Sir Hurkisondas Nurrottumdas Hospital & Research Centre. Dr. Bhavin Jankharia joined JIC to look after the CT scanner. In 1996, the CT scan centre had the privilege of being the first centre in India to start teleradiology facilities, which allowed transfer of CT scan images from the CT centre to Dr. Jankharia’s residence. In 1999, the CT scanner was upgraded to a state-of-the-art spiral CT scanner, the AR.*, also from Siemens. In Sept 2003, we moved our spiral CT to new premises at Nishat Business Centre, 2 blocks away from our main clinic, on Sardar V P Rd, towards Chowpatty. In Sept 2005, we acquired the first 64-slice CT scanner in Asia. In June 2006, we also became the first private centre in India to acquire a fluoroscopic attachment with our CT scanner, which now makes it easier to perform all our CT-guided interventional procedures.

In mid-2015, we installed the Siemens TwinBeam Definition Edge, India’s and Asia’s first commercial single source, dual energy scanner that redefines both traditional CT scanning as well as dual energy scanning in diverse areas like gout, urinary calculi, metal artefact reduction, 3D angiography, etc.

Dental Imaging

To complete our dental imaging setup, an OPG machine, the Rotograph Plus from Villa India, was installed in 2000.  This was also upgraded later to a Kodak Digital OPG system and this has been recently upgraded to a Cone Beam CT from Carestream.


We installed the first open MRI system in Mumbai, 0.2T VIVA from Siemens. However, since the strength severely limited its utility and speed, in 2003, this was upgraded to a state-of-the-art 1.5T system, the Sonata, also from Siemens. In 2010, we installed a 3.0T MRI scanner in our Lower Parel facility and in 2011 became the first private centre in India to install an MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) machine in the country for treating uterine fibroids. The HIFU has since been discontinued.

In May 2015, we installed a new 3.0 T scanner, the Philips CX, the best 3.0 T MRI scanner in India at this time, which also has new software designed for applications like metal artefact reduction. MRI elastography has been added in November 2016.


In Oct 2005, Jankharia Imaging became the first private centre in India to acquire a radiofrequency ablation (RFA) machine from RITA Medical Systems, to perform radiofrequency ablation of lung, liver and bone tumors. Our forte is RFA of osteoid osteomas, followed by liver and lung lesions.

PET/CT and Molecular Imaging

In 2009, we also became the first private practice centre to install a PET/CT scanner in our Lower Parel facility. Today, we are amongst the busiest PET/CT centres in our country and we make a difference to the management of patients with cancer.

Health Check-Ups and Prevention

From the first week of February 2007, we started a new state-of-the-art, personalized Preventive Health Check-Up Centre, for performing whole body health check-ups. This is headed by Dr. Anuradha Shah, and a great team of co-coordinators, technicians and consultants. We have also started Sleep Studies, performed and analyzed by Dr. Anuradha Shah, who herself is an eminent chest physician.


In January 2016, we started our own pathology and microbiology laboratory, a central laboratory with state-of-the art equipment offering a large menu of services. We have also tied up with Hinduja Hospital to offer advanced tuberculosis testing.

3D Lab – Real3D

In January 2015, we also became the first medical practice in India to start a 3D Lab. We acquired a Projet 660 3D printer from 3D Systems and can now generate 3D models of different parts of the body within 48 hours to aid surgical planning.

Intervention – Biopsies and Ablations

We perform more than 100 procedures a month that include USG and CT guided biopsies, aspirations and ablations, performing complex procedures especially in the lungs (CT guided) and neck (USG guided supraclavicular biopsies)

The Business Side

On Jan 01, 2007, we became Piramal Diagnostics- Jankharia Imaging, a Nicholas Piramal and Jankharia Imaging venture, part of the Wellspring group of diagnostic centres. On Aug 20, 2011, we became SRL Diagnostics- Jankharia Imaging, a part of the SRL group of diagnostic centres.

From January 01, 2015, Jankharia Imaging was back on its own, having bought back the equipment from SRL Diagnostics.

Management Services

We offer management services to other diagnostic centres and hospitals. Currently we run the MRI department of Chitra Diagnostics and are in talks with many hospitals and centres to provide interpretation and management services.

We also run opinion services for CIPLA in the field of interstitial lung diseases and run the metal artefact reduction (MARS) MRI, CT scan .  

Opinion Services

We offer second opinion services in a variety of fields including neuroradiology, chest radiology, musculoskeletal radiology and cardiac imaging, given our subspecialty focus and handle around 100 such complex cases a month.

Preventive Care

Along with our Health Check-Up department we have successfully started multiple campaigns to help preventive care in the neighbourhood and the city. These include

The Pink Ribbon Campaign for mammography and breast cancer awareness and prevention in October 2015

Detect and Conquer – our campaign for cancer awareness and prevention – February 2016

March to the Beat of a Healthy Heart – offering cardiac CT and cholesterol testing – April 2016

Walk Away from Diabetes – with free blood sugar testing and other related packages – May 2016

Our Subspecialty Focus

Apart from all the equipment, our radiologists are subspecialized and our masters in their own field. Dr. G. R. Jankharia looks after x-ray radiology and barium studies. Dr. Bhavin Jankharia looks after chest, bone and cardiac imaging and interventional CT procedures including biopsies and radiofrequency ablation. Dr. Bijal Jankharia is also a nationally renowned breast imaging radiologist. Dr. Saba Shaikh is a specialist in interventional ultrasound including varicose vein ablation, Dr. Vaishali Nimbkar handles chest and cardiac imaging including body MRI, while Dr. Shilpa Sankhe is a renowned neuroradiologist. Drs. Sushanti Patil and Nusrat Shaikh along with Drs. Bhavin Jankharia and Vaishali Nimbkar look after the PET/CT. Dr. Amogh Hegde handles the MRI department along with Dr. Aamish Kazi our MRI fellow. Dr. Khushboo Pilania is a consultant focussing on musculoskeletal imaging and MRI. Dr. Parang Sanghavi, a junior consultant works in CT scan, especially with chest imaging. Dr. Aamish Kazi, a junior consultant works in MRI. Dr. Prachi Chaubal heads our dental radiology services. We have fellows and senior residents helping with patient management, protocols and monitoring of scans.


From July 01, 2015, the practice has been rebranded as “Picture This by Jankharia Imaging”, Imaging and Beyond, to reflect our new holistic focus on patient care.