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What are Allergies?
Allergies are the body’s immune response to specific elements in the environment through contact, air or through ingestion of certain foods.

Types of Allergic Disease
Allergic Rhinitis | Urticaria | Allergic Asthma | Food Allergy

What are the Symptoms of Allergy?
Blocked or a runny nose
Watery or itchy eyes with redness
Ear discomfort
Stomach pain after consumption of any particular food item
Dry, itchy skin
Breathing difficulties

Skin Prick Test (SPT) is the most widely used allergy test and is more definitive than blood testing for the diagnosis of specific allergy.

How is it Done?
A tiny drop of testing allergen fluid is placed on your skin. Then, the skin is pricked through the drop. After 15 minutes, the test site is checked for redness(flare) and swelling(Wheal).

200 Allergen can be tested by this method.

Allergy Panels
Veg/Non-Veg Food Panel | Aero-allergen/Inhalant Panel | Pediatric Panel

The Advantage of Skin Prick Testing
Easy to perform, flexible, good tolerability, a clear demonstration to patients of their allergies, low cost. Yields rapid and visible results.

Allergy Panel Cost

Food Panel – Veg : Rs.2000
Food Panel – Veg & Non-Veg: Rs.2500
Inhalant Allergens Panel: Rs.2000
Paediatric Panel: Rs.2500

Full Panel with 200 Allergens Rs.5,000/-

Add-on Allergy testing with any package Rs.3000 only (Card Rate: Rs.5000)

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