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In urban areas, breast cancer is the commonest cancer among women accounting for 25-30% of all cancers in women. In 2012, over 140,000 women in India were documented to have breast cancer, with 70,000 dying as well. It is now well documented that early detection by screening reduces mortality. October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, denoted by a “pink ribbon” and hence the Pink Ribbon Initiative.



  1. Why is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month important?

It’s an annual international health campaign organized by breast cancer charities  –

  • To increase awareness of the disease
  • To raise funds for research into breast cancer cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.
  • For information and support to those affected by breast cancer.
  • To promote mammography as an effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer
  1. Why is screening mammography important?
  • Because breast cancer is the most common cancer killer in our city as well as most other metros.
  • Many women can survive breast cancer if found and treated early, before it has spread.
  • Mammography is the standard screening test for detecting early breast cancer.
  • Screening mammography can help reduce deaths from breast cancer among women ages 40 to 74 (Figure 1).
  1. What are the downsides if any of screening mammography?

Mammography is a sensitive but sometimes not very specific – so the woman may be called back to take more views or do a sonography – and may be even a biopsy – this may increase anxiety.

  1. Who benefits from screening mammography?

All women above the age of 40 years.

  1. What can I do to help my friends and families?

Counsel and advise them to get annual mammograms done after 40 years of age.

  1. Why is it called the Pink Ribbon Month?

The Pink Ribbon Day was started by a charity called Pink Ribbon International ( Since then, the concept has spread worldwide and the initiative now operates throughout the month of October.

  1. What is Picture This by Jankharia doing to help the Pink Ribbon Initiative?

We are giving a discount of 20% on all mammograms done between 01 Oct 2015 and 31 Dec 2015.

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