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Breast Cancer in India

Dr Anuradha Shah

Breast cancer has replaced cervical cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in India. Breast cancer accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers in women.

The average age of developing breast cancer has also undergone a significant shift from 50 -70 years to 30 -50 years. In 2013 alone 47,587 women died due to breast cancer.

Early detection is crucial as treatment of late stage cancer is often difficult.

Risk Factors:
Women whose mother or sister have breast cancer carry a higher risk of developing this disease.

Women who started having periods earlier or enter menopause later than usual are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. This is because their bodies have been exposed to oestrogen for longer duration.

Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention
Breast self examination. It is important to teach self examination to know how the breast looks and feels so that any change can be brought to the doctor’s notice.

Screening Mammography: It is advisable for women who are around 40 to get their mammography done. Annual screening mammography is the standard screening test for detecting early breast cancer and helps reduce deaths from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

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