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CT Guided Biopsies

We have pioneered the use of routine core biopsies as against fine-needle aspirations in different parts of the body, especially the lungs.

Important things to Know

  1. Machine : Siemens Somatom 64 with CT Fluoroscopy
  2. Preparation/Instructions : Four hours fasting. INR has to be less than 1.4
  3. Appointment : Required
  4. Time taken : 15-45 Minutes
  5. Delivery of Report : For biopsies, the reports depend on the pathologist. For drainages, there are no reports.
  6. Primary Expert Radiologist : Dr. Bhavin Jankharia
  7. Inner Spaces :
    1. Biopsy Please! No FNAC
    2. Adrenal Biopsies
    3. CT Guided Biopsy in TB Spine
    4. Trans-Retroperitoneal Approach for Difficult Pancreatic and Peri-Celiac Lesion Biopsies
    5. CT Guided Anterior and Lateral Approaches into the Vertebral Bodies for Biopsy
    6. What is the smallest lung nodule that can be biopsied
    7. Chronicling a single day of 6 lung biopsies