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CT Scan

We are pioneers in the use of different CT procedures including dental CT. CT Scans of different parts of the body are obtained. Usually oral and injectable iodinated dyes have to be used.

Important things to Know

  1. Machine : Siemens Definition Edge with TwinBeam
  2. Preparation : A minimum of four hours fasting is necessary for most CT scan procedures. Please call to confirm instructions, especially if diabetic.
  3. Appointment : Required
  4. Time taken : 20-45 minutes
  5. Report Given : Next day.
  6. Primary Expert Radiologists : Dr. Bhavin Jankharia – Chest , Cardiac CT and RFA. Dr. Parang Sanghavi – Head & Neck and Abdomen, Dr Amogh Hegde – Temporal Bone and PNS.
  7. Inner Spaces : 
    1. CT Myelogram
    2. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)-Complications & the Radiologist’s Job
  8. Expert Reporting : In case you have a scan done elsewhere, we would be happy to read and report the scan for you. For more information, please see Second Opinion, or call 022-6848 6666 or email