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Functional MRI (fMRI)

  1. Machine : Ingenia CX 3Tesla
  2. Preparation/Instruction : Not to have coffee prior to study, bring all old investigations, to reach at least an hour before the study for understanding and training prior to actual study.
  3. Appointment : Preferably given when the application specialist and neuroradiologist are both present for smooth and effective study. Generally in afternoon.
  4. Time taken : Varies depending on paradigms used and functions to be analysed, ranges from 40 mins to 1hour.
  5. Report given : In 2 days as there is advanced post processing involved.
  6. Primary Expert Radiologist   Dr Shilpa Sankhe
  7. Expert Reporting : In case you have a scan done elsewhere, we would be happy to read and report the scan for you. For more information, please see Second Opinion, or call 022-6617333 or email
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