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Gen Y Health Package

Forever young, I wanna be forever young,” said Jay-Z in a contemporary rendition of the classic song “Forever Young.” For the Millennial Generation, born between 1980 and 2000, the teens and 20-somethings who will be the first to come of age in the new millennium and the dream put into words may remain a dream!!!


Our kids are fat and getting fatter. Recent numbers show that 20% of Indian children are obese. Not chubby –OBESE! Video games, TV, the internet and fast food are partly to blame. 71 per cent of young Indians are sedentary and 57 percent are not involved in any form of exercise. They have an inappropriate high-fat, fast food diet, are overweight, have aggressive stressful personalities worsened by job-related problems and a work-life imbalance that drives them fast into chronic ailments including high blood pressure and diabetes.

This is compounded by BAD food habits and drinking alcohol leading to symptoms like bloating, chronic fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea, joint and muscle pain, skin disorders and decreased mental ability.

With the rising dependence on technology, long hours spent peering into desktop computers, laptops and smartphones are affecting the eyes, besides sitting postures.

What is alarming is that 900 Indians under the age of 30 are dying every day of a heart attack. Approximately 40 percent of all heart disease deaths is sudden.

Do you know if you are healthy?

What is Picture This by Jankharia doing to help you?

We have on offer “The Gen Y Health Pack” for both men and women @Rs.1999/- only Card Rate: Rs.5000/-
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