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MR Elastography (MRE)

is an alternative to biopsy for safe, non-invasive asssessment of liver tissue stiffness.A motion sensing gradient echo sequence is synchronized with an external source of mechanical vibration.It uses shear waves and assesses the tissue displacement in all directions and covering the entire volume of liver paranchyma, thus making it far more precise than sonoelastography.Its particularly useful in longitudinal monitoring for the liver fibrosis and subsequent cirrhosis of high risk cases, such as those with hepatitis B, C etc…

Important Things to Know

  1. Machine : Philips Ingenia 3 Tesla
  2. Time taken : 20 minutes
  3. Preparation/Instructions : none
  4. Appointment : Required
  5. Report Given : Same day if the study is done before 12 noon, otherwise the next day.
  6. Primary Expert Radiologist : Dr. Vaishali Nimbkar, Dr. Bhavin Jankharia
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