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Dr. Jankharia’s Imaging Centre began as Dr. Jankharia’s X-ray clinic in Girgaum, in Central Mumbai in 1969, on Dhanteras day with a Siemens 300 mA X-ray machine with a single tube, which was also used for fluoroscopy. In 1985, it became one of the first centres in the city to have an image intensifier. From then on, the clinic became the leading centre for barium studies in Mumbai and is currently the premier institute in the country for small bowel enema (enteroclysis) studies.

In January 2016, we started our own pathology and microbiology laboratory, a central laboratory with state-of-the art equipment’s offering a large menu of services. We have also tied up with Hinduja Hospital to offer advanced tuberculosis testing.

In July 2017, within 18 months of starting the laboratory, we achieved NABL accreditation, the highest accreditation in India that certifies our lab as a world class laboratory, at par with the best.

In July 2017, we also acquired a PCR machine from Cepheid that allows rapid testing for tuberculosis and other similar diseases. We are able to determine the presence of AFB (acid fast bacilli) from tissue and fluid in around 2 to 21/2 hours.

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