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Abdomen StandingRs.9003D Tomo Mammography (with Sonomammo+Mammography)Rs.5,300
Ankle / Palm – AP/LateralRs.550Breast Ultrasound/ SonomammographyRs.3,200
Both Knee Joints – AP Standing / Both LateralRs.1050Second OpinionRs.3,200
Both Mastoids – Schuller’sRs.950FNAC/ Aspiration – Diagnostic – BreastRs.9,500
Cervical Spine – AP/LateralRs.950Mammo Guided Hook-wire loc / ClippingRs.13,000
Chest – PARs.550USG Guided Hook – wire loc/ ClippingRs.11,000
Chest – LateralRs.550USG Guided Breast BiopsyRs.15,000
Chest – PA/LateralRs.950Pre Biopsy AssesmentRs.3,200
Dorsal Spine – AP/LateralRs.950Mammo Guided Stereotatic Core BiopsyRs.30,000
Foream with Wrist / Elbow / Wrist – AP/LateralRs.550Bone Densitometry – Whole BodyRs.4,500
Full Length Digital x-ray – Whole SpineRs.3200Bone Densitometry – Three PartsRs.4,000
Full Length Digital x-ray – Lower LimbsRs.3200ULTRASOUND
Full Length Digital x-ray – Upper and Lower limbsRs.5700Obstetric 3D/4D UltrasoundRs.4,700
KUBRs.900Full Abdomen & PelvisRs.2,700
Leg – AP/LateralRs.550Upper Abdomen or PelvisRs.2,200
Lumbar Spine – AP/Lateral/Coned DownRs.1050KUBRs.2,200
Nasal Bones – LateralRs.550KUB with TRUS Rs.3,800
Paranasal Sinuses – Water’s/Caldwell’sRs.950TRUSRs.2,400
Pelvis with both Hips – APRs.550Early / Late Pregnancy / ObstetricRs.2,700
Scolisis SeriesRs.4200Mid Pregnancy / Obstetric or Second TrimesterRs.3,200
Shoulder – APRs.550NT Scan – Obstetric ScanRs.4,000
Skull – AP/LateralRs.950Follicle StudyRs.2,200
X Ray Second OpinionRs.550Specialised Small Parts (incl. Neck, Thyroid, Scrotum)/MSKRs.2,700
X-RAY PROCEDURESSingle Study (Only Liver,GB,Kidneys,Axilla)Rs.2,000
A. UrethrogramRs.3,0003D USG Pelvis (USG Pelvis+3D Pelvis)Rs.3,400
Barium EnemaRs.4,500Color Doppler (One Limb, Art Or Ven.)Rs.3,300
Barium Meal FTRs.4,500Color Doppler (One Limb, Art. & Ven.)Rs.5,800
Barium SwallowRs.3,000Color Doppler (Both Lower Limbs, Art. & Ven.)Rs.10,700
DacryocystographyRs.3,000Color Doppler (Both Lower Limbs, Art.)Rs.5,800
Esophagus, Stomach, DuodenumRs.3,000Scrotal Doppler (USG Scrotum+Scrotal Dopp.)Rs.3,200
HSGRs.5,000USG Kidneys with Renal DopplerRs.4,300
IVU (non-ionic dye)Rs.5,500Carotid DopplerRs.3,200
MCURs.4,000Renal DopplerRs.3,200
SialographyRs.3,000Pelvis Doppler (USG Pelvis+Pelvic Dopp.)Rs.3,200
SinusogramRs.3,000Penile DopplerRs.4,700
Small Bowel EnemaRs.7,500Obstetric Doppler (USG Obs+Obs Doppler)Rs.4,700
Small Intestine – IC JunctionRs.3,500Pre Biopsy AssesmentRs.3,200
X Ray Second Opinion – ProcedureRs.2,000BiopsyRs.15,000
PORTABLE SERVICESFNAC / Aspiration – DiagnosticRs.9,000
Single XrayRs.4,500Amniocentesis OnlyRs.9,000
Per Extra film/viewRs.500Amniocentesis + Karyo (11500/-) + FISH (15020/-)Rs.24,020
CBCTAmniocentesis + FISH (4950/-)Rs.13,950
CBCT – OPGRs.600USG Guided Sclero – MinorRs.15,000
CBCT – OPG / CephalogramRs.600USG Guided Sclero – IntermediateRs.20,000
CBCT Dental – Single Jaw – LimitedRs.2,200USG Guided Sclero – MajorRs.30,000
CBCT – Temporal BoneRs.3,500USG Guided Endo Laser Ablation (Varicose Veins)Rs.80,000
CBCT – Dental – One JawRs.2,800Sono HSGRs.6,000
CBCT – Dental – Both JawsRs.4,500MSK Cyst Aspiration with Steroid instillationRs.9,000
MSK Steroid Installation/Needling/BarbotageRs.9,000
CARDIAC & ULTRA-FAST CT & PET/CTPigtail insertionRs.15,000
Brain – PlainRs.3,500CARDIAC
Brain – Plain + IV (non-ionics)Rs.4,500ECGRs.400
Body (Head & Neck, Pelvis (Soft tissue) Upper Abdomen) – PlainRs.6,0002D Echocardiography (2D Echo)Rs.3,500
Body (Neck, Pelvis (Soft tissue) Upper Abdomen) – Plain + IVRs.8,000Stress Test / (T M T)Rs.2,500
HRCT Chest / LDCT Chest – Plain + IV (non-ionics)Rs.6,000UITRA-FAST MRI & 3T-MRI
HRCT Paranasal Sinuses (PNS) – Ltd – PlainRs.3,500MRI Per Region any single Study at 3T (Brain, C, LS, DL – Spine etc.)Rs.8,700
Pelvis (For Bones), Spine, Bones, Hip – PlainRs.6000Brain AngioRs.8,700
Pelvis (For Bones), Spine, Bones, Hip-Plain+IV(non-ionics)Rs.8000MRCP*Rs.11,700
CT Extremity – MARS – PlainRs.8,000MRI Spectroscopy (Brain)Rs.11,000
CT Extremity – MARS – Plain + IV (non-ionics)Rs.9,500MRI Perfusion (Brain) *Rs.15,000
Full Abdomen or Abdomen & Pelvis – PlainRs.6,500MRI Brain Tumor Protocol *Rs.15,000
Full Abdomen or Abdomen & Pelvis-Plain + IV(non-ionics)Rs.9,000MRI MS Protocol with Icometrix VolumesRs.17,000
CT Angios (Upper / Lower Limb) eachRs.15,000MRI ProstateRs.15,000
CT Myelogram (*2000 additional for contrast if required)Rs.12,000Stress MRIRs.11,000
CT Pulmonary AngioRs.12,000Breast MRI *Rs.15,000
DECT GoutRs.6,500Breast MRI Implant* (Plain)Rs.9,000
CT – IVU Or CT – EnteroclysisRs.10,000Cardiac MRI *Rs.17,500
Virtual ColonoscopyRs.9,500Cardiac MRI Stress PerfusionRs.20,500
3DCT – Plain, Virtual BronchoscopyRs.9,000MARS MRIRs.11,000
3DCT with 3D Model Regular / LargeRs.25,000
Cardiac CT – CT Coronary AngioRs.17,000Contrast * Studies Always with contrastRs.3,000
Cardiac Ca ScoringRs.6,000AnesthesiaRs.2,000
CT Guided Nerve BlockRs.25,000Pre Biopsy Assesment CTRs.3,500
Interventional – Biopsies, Aspirations, DrainageRs.25,000SECOND OPINION
R F Ablation – Oestoid Oestoma/Lung/Liver etcRs.1,50,000One StudyRs.3,500
CryoablationRs.2,50,000Two StudiesRs.5,000
PET CTMore than Two studiesRs.6,500
PET – CT Whole BodyRs.23,000
PET – CT BrainRs.18,000
PET – PSMARs.25,000