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From 01 January, 2016, we have our own in-house laboratory.

Pathology – is a clinical knowledge service that is fundamental to modern medical practice and healthcare. It is used in the diagnosis, treatment and management of an increasing range of clinical conditions.

The laboratory at Picture This by Jankharia is completely automated and has got NABL Accreditation by Govt of India. The heart of automation, which includes bar-coding and bidirectional interface completely eliminates errors due to manual intervention and helps in reducing the test turn-around time. Pl refer to the Price List.

Our HEMATOLOGY services range from CBC, ESR, reticulocyte count, platelet count to the coagulation profile. It is centered on the ADVIA 2120 which utilizes peroxidase staining, the gold standard in differential testing. It also gives the reticulocyte count and measures the intracellular hemoglobin directly. Platelet count measurements are highly accurate and help to reduce expensive platelet transfusions.

CLINICAL CHEMISTRY services range from commonly done glucose levels, liver functions and kidney functions to rare tests including cardiac markers. These tests use the DIMENSION EXL analyser, which can run samples in randoma ccess so that the turn-around time is reduced. The most commonly ordered panels can be analysed from a single sample and it is possible to do full disease profiling.

IMMUNOASSAY services include various specialized tests such as infectious disease testing, and the assays of hormones, vitamins and tumor markers. Our Immunoanalyzer CENTAUR XP uses the principle of chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA). The advantage of CLIA is its high sensitivity and dynamic range, which helps in early detection of disease.

The D-10 HEMOGLOBIN ANALYSER has the dual advantage of monitoring diabetes as well diagnosing hemoglobinopathies.

The MATRIX GEL SYSTEM is used for blood grouping, typing, antibody screening and identification. It is highly sensitive and specific.